Mother Jones: Room for Improvement

Housing First is a viable option to end chronic homelessness. We see if working in places like Salt Lake City, UT and Santa Clara County, CA, Cutting the costs per person in half (homelessness costs cities through the services that get utilized like police, social services, hospital and emergency care, etc) and opening up new avenues for treatment for those who want it.

“Ironically, ending homelessness is actually cheaper than continuing to treat the problem. This would not only benefit the people who are homeless; it would be healing for the rest of us to live in a more compassionate and just nation,” Tsemberis says. “It’s not a matter of whether we know how to fix the problem. Homelessness is not a disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s where we don’t yet have a cure. We have the cure for homelessness—it’s housing. What we lack is political will.”

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