What Works to End Youth Homelessness: What We Know Now

Good insights into the plight of homeless youths.

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To effectively prevent and end youth homelessness in the United States, government, private agencies, and philanthropy need to know what to invest in.  What Works to End Youth Homelessness, a report just released by the National Network for Youth, works to educate the public and policymakers about the existing effective interventions and services for homeless youth. While there is not extensive research, there is a great deal of data and broad practice knowledge from the field.  Also featured are program level snapshots that highlight, at a program level, unique aspect of the population and how program services are accessed.


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Humble Beginnings

habitation.wpWelcome to our new “home”. This blog will be our base for information about the Tiny House movement and efforts to end homelessness. Will will be focusing on issues that face our community: the homeless and extreme weather; unhoused teens, families and singles; health issues; building a brighter future; and all topics that are relevant to our cause as well as updates about our progress here at The Habitation. Wont you join us?
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